Utility & HVAC

Whether it’s electric, pneumatic or DDC, we can accommodate almost any project on any scale.

Wide range of experience

New construction or renovation of big buildings like office blocks, schools, hospitals, hotels or data centers usually involves work on utility systems. Are you looking for a reliable supplier of utility-related products and services? Choose ERIKS. We have extensive experience contributing to large projects like this. We provide rubber profiles, plastic piping, hoses, seals  and valves for heating, cooling, sprinkler, drinking water and compressed air systems.

But also instrumentation components and electromechanical actuators for lifts, escalators, doors and ventilation systems. ERIKS even provides integration of systems for process automation, manufacturing automation and building automation.

Weld-in saddle technique plastic piping for hot water

Split roller bearings – easy mounting

Valves and instrumentation

HVAC system for heating and ventilation

Complete range of valves and process control components

Complete product portfolio

ERIKS has a range of products and services for HVAC maintenance and manufacturing, for facility managers and OEM’s including motors, inverters, belts, pulleys, filters, shaft repair, balancing and bearings and sealing and rubber materials.

Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning systems and industrial fans and blowers are an integral part of many process industries of almost every industrial site and office block.

Expert HVAC engineers

After sitting down with you to discuss your needs, our experts, coming from all areas of the business, design custom HVAC engineering solutions for you, including cost saving proposals. To compliment the range of products and services we have available, our team offers full technical support on all aspects of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.


Boiler room

We keep your boiler room operating at peak efficiency 24/7

Climate control

In industrial buildings, but also in onshore, offshore and marine environments, it’s essential to closely regulate humidity and temperature while maintaining safe and healthy conditions for workers. Climate control, also known as HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) is an ERIKS specialty. You can rely on us for the products and services you need to guarantee a pleasant and healthy workplace climate.

Customer cases and innovations

ERIKS provides bespoke installation training for OEM and saves downtime

ERIKS delivers cost saving insulated hose to prevent damage by pecking crows

ERIKS ensures complete traceability of parts and a smooth supply chain

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