Transport, Aviation and Maritime

ERIKS services facilitates maintenance processes with comprehensive component supply, extensive engineering resources, national stocks of critical parts and technical expertise in repair and replacement - all supported by an international logistics infrastructure.

Marine Services: anywhere, anytime

Marine customers can rely on ERIKS to supply the right parts, at the right place, at the right time - thanks to our complete understanding of the marine industry and the equipment it employs. We have extensive experience in helping customers meet classification and legislation requirements.

If you want us to repair or replace components at sea, in port or in dry dock, or in an emergency or during a scheduled service, ERIKS is right there to support you. ERIKS Marine Services has the products, the expertise and the resources to get your vessel back on hire, out of port or dry dock and back on schedule - quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Prefabricated piping accelerates deployment time

Alignment and testing of drives

Hydraulic piping work vehicles

Valve Automation Centre

ERIKS complete range of hydraulic and industrial hoses

Industry-wide support

The transport industry is vast and spans not only modes of travel - rail, road, air and water - but also the related infrastructure, as well as the vehicles used. As a leading supplier to a range of customers in all areas of the transport industry, ERIKS is here to help.

Your transport industry partner

ERIKS is right at home in the world of transport. Whether you’re looking for a specialized product supplier, a maintenance supply partner or an integrated solutions provider, we have the goods and the know-how to make a difference.


Aircraft and Aerospace

ERIKS is a multi-product specialist that offers technology and logistics support for the aircraft and aerospace industries.

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ERIKS aviation services

As an aircraft manufacturer, you cannot settle for ordinary components. You need components that are reliable, lightweight, low friction and able to withstand harsh environments. This is where ERIKS comes in. We are a multi-product specialist with expert procurement to suit your needs. Buying through ERIKS saves you time and money. If the product you are looking for doesn't exist, ERIKS' engineers can develop it in co-makership with your own R&D. Our engineers are capable of rapid prototyping, working from our own manufacturing sites.

High strength and safety at reduced weight - those are the demands to be met in aviation and aerospace engineering. High performance plastics from ERIKS represent an ideal alternative to steel, aluminum and glass. Low density, optical transparency, self-extinguishing behavior and good design properties are just a few of the reasons for the use of selected ERIK’s high performance plastics in this high tech sector.

Customer cases and innovations

ERIKS uses know-how and materials to set up production facilities

ERIKS streamlines major maintenance through input of project team and service package

ERIKS designs sophisticated shut-off valve fitted with flushing port

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