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The ERIKS group currently consists of more than 350 branches in 20 countries. ERIKS works for a wide range of industries. No matter what industry you are in, we can be in every area of service. Because our experts have years of experience with applications and installations for your business.
We exchange knowledge and  solutions  across industries to share insights and innovations that support the goals which all industry aim for: achieve cost efficiency, reliability, productivity and  sustainability. Our people are proud to make industry more successful and sustainable in their markets.



Our comprehensive condition monitoring services cover all forms of preventive and predictive maintenance, both on site and remotely.

TCO-optimization and supply chain solutions

A products' performance is measured by its total life span, how much is spend on maintenance and repair, downtime and lost production. ERIKS provides long-term solutions by preventive and predictive services and onsite repair services.  We identify the cause to prevent failure in the future and optimize product lifecycle and uptime. This will help to decrease your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

In reducing the number of suppliers, optimizing processes and increasing plant uptime, ERIKS empowers its customers to achieve their business targets. We provide solutions that allow our customers to focus their attention on core activities and a wide assortment of products that help reduce their total TCO.

Code of conduct and compliance

ERIKS’ shared values, defined in its mission, are expressed in its code of conduct and apply to all ERIKS group employees. The code of conduct requires ERIKS to carry out its activities honestly and openly, with respect for human rights and the interests of its employees. All employees are required to comply with this code, and they are encouraged to report any actual or suspected infringements of the Code of Conduct or other rules applicable within the ERIKS group to the management (’whistle blower’ arrangement). Failure to observe the code of conduct is regarded as a violation of business integrity.

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