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At ERIKS, we want to make our customers' industries work better. To realize this, we believe our people are the key to our success. We put great trust in our people and we invest in them. We give them responsibility in their work, stimulate creativity and taking initiative. We coach and train our people and reward excellent achievements. ERIKS is growing, and looking for motivated people to further build the company. If you are interested to join, have a look at our vacancy pages



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A highly innovative company, always looking for talent. 

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We developed this privacy statement to inform you of how we will use your personal data in relation to applications for roles with ERIKS.
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ERIKS challenges you

Do you want to develop your skills on the cutting edge of technology and commerce? Do you want to grow and collaborate with international colleagues in as many as 20 countries? Do you want to work for a certified Top Employer in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium? How about a job at ERIKS?

ERIKS invests in your potential

If you share our passion for technology and want to become a specialist in your field - creating innovative solutions for our customers - ERIKS will invest in your potential. Our training and development programs and highly skilled specialist colleagues support you to become best in class in your field of expertise.                  

ERIKS Success Principles

ERIKS is proud to serve its industrial customers worldwide. The ERIKS Success Principles have made us successful in the past and will continue to do so in the future. They are an essential part of the ERIKS DNA. With our Passion, Specialism and Innovation we can truly make a difference for our customers and make their industry work better, increasing their efficiency while continuously challenging both them and us to improve. It is therefore also Passion, Specialism and Innovation that we look for in future colleagues.

Our passion is the pride we take in doing our job to the best of our abilities. Passion is about going the extra mile for our customers and leading by example. Passion is also about working together, sharing success and having fun.

Our specialism and our know-how, is the core of our business. This sets us apart from our competition. We are proud to be specialists with a deep understanding of technology – always curious, eager to learn more. This is how we can contribute to our customers’ success.

The world is changing and this brings great opportunity for ERIKS. We always strive to be in the lead, create change that matters. That is why we are constantly looking to improve and finding new ways. We experiment, encourage different views and allow failure, because we know that this will lead to a better solution.

If you are passionate about technology, want to share and develop your specialism and are always looking to improve and find new ways, ERIKS could be a perfect fit for you. With you, we would like to explore how we can make our customers’ industry work better together. View examples of how we are already doing this at


Opportunities for growth

ERIKS is growing and offers enthusiastic, motivated people room to grow with us. ERIKS gives you the opportunity to develop on both a professional and personal level. We provide various coaching, training and (international) development programs.


ERIKS is a healthy, growing enterprise with a clear purpose and long-term focus. This brings continuity. We are committed to creating a sustainable working environment , with room for ambition, personal development and innovation.


Working at ERIKS means working in a very dynamic, hands-on environment where you can be entrepreneurial, take on challenges and come up with innovative solutions together with your colleagues.

Being part of a strong team

ERIKS is a family-owned company where people are at the heart of the business. We are constantly focused on developing our company culture and creating a friendly, open and pleasant working environment with respect for and confidence in one another.


Opportunities for students

ERIKS is a strong innovating company, always looking for talent.

We offer work placement, traineeship opportunities, especially for students from a technical or commercial background.

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We offer ample opportunities, especially for students with a technical or commercial background. The wide range of trainee posts and apprenticeships at ERIKS offers students the opportunity to gain practical experience at an innovative multinational company. Those in search of an informative and challenging traineeship at an organization with a friendly and open work climate need look no further than ERIKS. A traineeship in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Malaysia or Singapore; ERIKS makes it all possible.

Proud to be part of SHV

ERIKS has been part of SHV since 2009. A family business with an impressive portfolio of companies: Mammoet, Nutreco, NPM Capital, Dyas, Makro and SHV Energy. Being part of a bigger holding gives possible career opportunities beyond ERIKS. 

Visit SHV for more information.



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