80 years Looking forward

We look back with pride, but at the same time look forward, towards new challenges, in the next 80 years to come.  


ERIKS was founded 80 years ago in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. At the time, we helped customers in the dairy industry improve their business by providing them with gaskets, seals, V-belts and hoses.

In the past eight decades, we’ve further grown and developed, in every way possible. We’ve crossed boundaries and borders, designed, innovated, expanded, explored, digitized and welcomed many new skilled people from across the globe to our company.

Entrepreneurship and a passion for technology have always been our guiding principles… along with a touch of Dutch directness and a hands-on approach.  


With this mindset and the technical skills developed over the years, we were able to support many customers, in all conceivable sectors of industry, in making their business work better. We are honored to keep serving these companies, that often play such an important part in our society, and we thank them for the trust they have placed in us.

We look back with pride, but at the same time look forward, towards new challenges, in the next 80 years to come.  


Products and services for the industry

ERIKS founder Arie Eriks started his small business in 1940 supplying gaskets, seals, V-belts and hoses to the dairy industry. Until the seventies the business in gaskets and rubber gradually expanded.

Branch operations were founded close to industrial centers in the Netherlands (Rotterdam, Enschede, Eindhoven, Roermond) and in Belgium and France. In 1977 ERIKS was listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

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The history of ERIKS encompasses more than ERIKS' own stories. Through many acquisitions, ERIKS was enriched with the histories and experience of other companies such as Econosto and Vemoflex. From 1979 until 2000 ERIKS, expanded into other European countries, Asia and the USA and added electrical power transmission, valves, hoses and couplings and industrial plastics to the range of products.

From 2000 until 2015, ERIKS acquired several specialized distribution and manufacturing companies in Europe, including large organizations such as Baudoin in Belgium and Wyko in the United Kingdom. With the acquisition of Lewis-Goetz, Rawson and Industrial Controls, ERIKS strengthened its market position in the US.

ERIKS a part of SHV

ERIKS NV delisted from Amsterdam stock exchange

Headcount from 3,500 to 8,000 in five years’ time.

In 2009, ERIKS was incorporated by SHV Holdings, a privately-held family company. This ended the listing of ERIKS NV on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. SHV invests for the long term, expanding and developing businesses and providing their customers with excellent products and services.

Focus on know-how & innovation

ERIKS' role in society

As a leading-edge supplier to industry, ERIKS recognizes the role it plays in the supply chain and in society as a whole. Present-day views on sustainability and corporate social responsibility are anchored in our strategy and operational management.

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