Valuing our people: Learning & Development

At ERIKS, we do our best to attract and keep the brightest talents in the industry. When they join us, we encourage and support them to develop both personally and professionally. We strongly believe that as we learn as individuals, we grow and improve as a company. By focusing on opportunities for continuous learning, we will continue to be a high-performing company that can truly make industry work better every day. 

Our principles to grow together

The result of our Materiality Assessment also backs up our belief that the training and development of our employees is highly valued by all our stakeholders. It also contributes to have them staying at our company for an average of over 10 years, which shows their great loyalty towards us.

ERIKS has defined 4 learning and development principles which we operate from:

Learning for all

Everybody within ERIKS gets the opportunity to learn and develop

Digital first

Where possible, we will offer digital learning options. We aim to provide online courses and live digital sessions on demand, so our people can partake at the time, place and pace that suits them.

Self-directed learning

Our employees are the owners of their own development. We want to empower them to initiate discussions around learning, while managers are responsible for support and directions. 

On the spot

We want the learning opportunity to be as close to the need as possible, so that it can automatically be translated into the daily life of the business. When you have a question, is when you are the most likely to learn.

Actions for better learning

LinkedIn Learning

On demand online learning of over 15,000 courses available in English, German and French. So far, more than 4000 hours of courses have been viewed.

Content promotion

A monthly newsletter is sent out which promotes and recommends learning content. In 2021 we achieved an 80 percent activation rate of our LinkedIn Learning licenses showing that our people are taking advantage of this learning opportunity

Managers Essentials

Three modules were launched in 2021 to help ensure managers have the skills they need to bring the best out of their employees with a focus on having valuable conversations.

Step-by-step guides

We provided one-pagers for all parts of the performance management cycle, including Individual Development Plans.

Diversity and inclusion

Growing personally and professionally is, for us, inseparable from feeling valued, so we are deeply committed to realise a balanced, diverse workplace. 

We aim for 25 percent of ERIKS leadership positions be held by women by 2030.
In 2021, we achieved a 3-point increase on the previous year and we expect
that our investment in this area will continue to have a positive impact on our

Along with this goal, we have a strong focus on measuring the processes around
the gender of our talent, including promotion rate, hires and exits. For example,
in 2021, 27 percent of our leadership position new hires were women.

Additionally, we are improving our culture of inclusion through dedicated activities that are open to all employees during four key times of the year: International Women’s Day, Inclusion Week, Pride@ERIKS and Movember. During these moments we focus on raising awareness on key topics that support our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, including unconscious bias.


Listening to our people’s voices

Every other year we conduct an employee engagement survey. Our recent survey saw almost 80 percent of our people responding, and each piece of feedback was important in formulating actionable plans to improve. We received positive feedback around our people enjoying working with their colleagues, finding their managers to be helpful and supportive, and believing ERIKS to be an inclusive, bullying-free workplace.

We are working together at all levels, from the front-line to the boardroom, on building on the things that already work well and improving those areas where we have fallen short. Based on the responses, we know we need to do more around bottom-up listening, ensuring our people have the tools and resources they need to perform, and doubling-down on work-life balance.

Honesty and openness are highly valued at ERIKS. For this reason we have set up a whistleblower system, ‘Speak Up’, that enables employees to share their concerns on topics where they feel something could harm the company, a co-worker or themselves. This means – besides talking to their managers or HR – everyone can confidentially share anything they feel is not OK.

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