Hydrogen reduction line for Deep Branch

Deep Branch is a carbon dioxide recycling company that uses microorganisms to convert clean CO2 and hydrogen into high-quality products like proteins that can be used in sustainable animal nutrition.

Deep Branch wanted to build a pilot plant to test production at scale. The customer’s problem was that the hydrogen they wanted to use for the pilot came in at too high a pressure and was therefore unusable.

To solve the problem, ERIKS built an application that reduced the pressure of hydrogen, and we delivered a pre-assembled, turnkey hydrogen pressure reduction set to the pilot plant.

The result? With ERIKS’ solution, hydrogen pressure was reduced down from 120 Bar to the level that met the customer’s requirements. That’s not all, independent inspector, KIWA, approved the hydrogen reduction line so that it can be fully implemented.

Because our hydrogen reduction solution is not widely available yet, we had to search for the right products, materials and instruments to make it happen. Luckily, coming up with new inventions and solutions is in our blood. We’ve been carrying out these kinds of projects for natural gas, air and nitrogen every day for decades. All of this experience gives us the know-how and confidence to track down the required components and dream up a new solution that helps solve a problem or bring a customer idea to life.

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