Food safe hoses testing for Döhler Holland

A food manufacturer’s worst nightmare is a hose breakage or hairline fracture. Why? Because bacteria can accumulate in small tears contaminating an entire batch of food and because hose rupture during the cleaning process (when a higher temperature, higher concentrate liquid passes through the hose) could cause a major industrial accident.

At Döhler Holland (a supplier of high-quality semi-finished food products), things like fruit juice concentrate are transported from tank to tank via food hoses. As one of the largest suppliers of natural ingredients in Europe, production is continuous and any stoppage costs money, product output and sometimes even scarce raw materials. This is why safety and quality control are top priorities at Döhler Holland.

To prevent hose-related issues, Döhler Holland relies on the ERIKS Field Service Team to closely inspect its hoses on site.

The sustainability angle is that, typically, hoses are replaced after a fixed period of time – even if they are still in good condition, but with ERIKS inspecting each hose its lifespan can be optimally utilised. As a result, Döhler Holland can avoid production disruptions while also getting the most out of each hose.

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