Energy efficient motors at a pharmaceutical company

ERIKS is driving several projects at a large pharmaceutical company’s sites to help them reduce their energy consumption. Net zero impact on climate by 2030 is one of their sustainability goals. By helping them install more efficient motors, as well as optimise their steam and pneumatic systems we can help them reach their goal.

Motor projects: ERIKS surveyed numerous sites in the UK to establish which motors would benefit from a pre-emptive upgrade to high-efficiency IE4 or IE5 motors. A full TCO calculation was also delivered, to help the company make an informed decision on motor replacement.

The TCO survey information has also been used to support their ‘kaizen’ events across several sites. Now, ERIKS together with the pharmaceutical company are rolling out this concept across their sites in Belgium and The Netherlands, with more to follow.

Air and steam: ERIKS reliability engineering team also conducts air and steam leaks surveys across the company’s sites. a full report of the survey is supplied to the customer with component parts needed to repair any leaks. the cost of each leak is also calculated for the next 12 months along with energy payback and CO2 reduction calculations associated with the repaired leaks. .

ERIKS and the customer will now scale this approach to six other Uk sites, further reducing their energy costs and environmental impact.

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