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Six know-how domains

ERIKS - market know-how

ERIKS has in-depth knowledge of the demand side (customers) and the supply side (sourcing) of the market. This enables it to develop new products and services and enter new markets proactively and promptly.

ERIKS - product know-how

ERIKS has in-depth knowledge of its products and their properties. It shares this knowledge with its customers through various forms of technical documentation, electronic media and personal advice.  

ERIKS - applications know-how

ERIKS is able to  

  • understand present and future applications and translate them into the use of the right products;
  • translate issues facing its customers into new products (product development);
  • brainstorm with customers on engineering for the design and maintenance of new products and systems 
    (research and development). 

ERIKS - product customizing know-how

ERIKS translates its customers’ wishes into new product specifications and ensures the availability of facilities to adapt products. ERIKS offers maintenance facilities and services for maintaining the components and systems it supplies.

ERIKS - logistics know-how

ERIKS employees analyse and streamline logistics channels and develop logistics concepts tailored to customers’ requirements (from identification of the customer’s needs through to payment) for both the administrative and physical sides of the process. ERIKS handles the entire procurement process in collaboration with the customer.

ERIKS - infrastructure know-how

ERIKS constantly works both in-house and with its customers to improve processes and the associated infrastructure.

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