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As a result of the extensive product range and the excellent know-how, ERIKS plays a leading roll with valves, instrumentation, actuation and its applications, in Europe, North- and South-America, the Middle-East and South-East Asia.

ERIKS and the ERIKS companies Econosto, Noton, Newdell, Diamond Gear Company, Valtor Offshore, Rawson, AMG Pesch, Dansk Ventil Center, Mowta, C&C, Industrial Controls, Quantum Supply and Valves Enterprise offer a complete range of valves, instrumentation and pneumatic actuators and accessories for valves from these own brands:

  • ABK (special valves, bottom outlet- and sampling ball valves)
  • AMG (pneumatic quarter turn actuators for valves)
  • C&C (valves and hammer unions)
  • Diamond Gear (Industrial Worm Gears, Bevel Gears and Declutchable Worm Gears)
  • DVC (valves, instrumentation and actuation)
  • ECON® (valves, instrumentation and actuation)
  • Force (ball valves). Registered ERIKS brand in U.S.A. and Canada
  • ICON (pressure gauges and thermometers, pressure and temperature switches)
  • SMITH (forged steel gate, globe and check valves)
  • VE (double block and bleed valves)

Next to these own brands , ERIKS offers many other products from well-known manufacturers. Most products can be delivered directly from stock and are approved by well-known end users from different industries. Market developments are followed continuously in order to offer the customer the best and most innovative solution.


The products meet all international standards and regulations such as The Pressure Equipment Directive PED/2014/EU, the ATEX 95 directive 2014/34/EU, the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, the REACH directive EC1907/2006 and the RoHS Directive EC 2002/95.


Valve actuators with its accessories like limit switches, pilot valves, valve positioners etc. take an ever increasing place in process and operating systems. Pneumatic or electric operated valve actuators for all type of valves complete the valve scope.


ERIKS offers analog as well as digital field bus controls from leading manufacturers. In our well-equipped workshops these components are assembled, tested and adjusted in accordance with the prevailing requirements.

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