Tools, Maintenance and Safety

As a multi-product specialist, ERIKS plays a key role in the world of tools, maintenance & safety.

Product Leadership

ERIKS TM&S supplies any product for use in the workshop. The customer can do its work better, faster and more safely because we also factor in ease of use and ergonomics. The TM&S division’s importance within ERIKS is huge: all ERIKS customers, especially

medium-sized and larger companies, use our TM&S products and services. With TM&S’ wide range of brands, expertise and various supply chain solutions we can provide a very positive contribution to the reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We are a specialist in five product categories

Tools, Maintenance & Safety (TM&S) gives access to a portfolio of strong brands and selects a higher quality class of products for every conceivable application. We are a specialist in five product categories:

  • Tools
  • Fasteners
  • Metalworking
  • Workshop
  • Safety products

A range of strong brands

Tools, Maintenance & Safety (TM&S) gives access to a portfolio of strong brands and selects a higher quality class of products for every conceivable application.


TM&S, more than efficiency

Choosing the right tools and maintenance equipment is not just about getting the job done more efficiently, it is also about protecting employees from the risk of injury.

A well-equipped workshop and services for better performance

ERIKS TM&S focuses on the product categories of tools, maintenance products, fasteners and workshop equipment. A wide range that ranges from products and solutions for the basic industry and chemistry to production environments that have to meet the highest purity requirements such as in the food and semi-conductor industry. In addition to being a product supplier, ERIKS TM&S also plays the role of service provider.

For example, we help our customers with audits, surveys and assessments in which we examine their buying portfolio and the application. This offers benefits such as stock reduction. You also benefit from the expertise of our application engineers, who work with your own manufacturing, sales and customer service departments to design and implement the unique solutions that your business requires.

Supply chain solutions

In order to guarantee our customers stability, quality and performance, ERIKS TM&S offers a range of supply chain solutions:

  • Kanban
  • Vending machine solutions
  • Web based ordering
  • Vending managed inventory (VMI)
  • Surveys & testing
  • Ergonomics

Data clean service

We offer as well ‘Data clean’ of all MRO data and match older products with a tailored range and homogeneous product portfolio supplied by ERIKS TM&S.

An analysis of working conditions and assessment of risks make it possible to define the types of equipment that should be used.


ERIKS is a PPE-expert

Our PPE-experts are fully qualified to analyze your business policies and ensure they are in full compliance with all applicable regulations and legislation.

PPE-safety expert service

ERIKS’ overall safety philosophy starts with awareness, a safe environment and A-branded personal protective equipment and tools. What makes ERIKS different? Our unique combination of a broad and deep assortment,

supporting services and a global network of know-how and experience. ERIKS removes the burden of finding 'piecemeal' safety solutions for your business, offering you a total approach to all areas of safety.

We deliver

  • Audits
  • Technical support
  • Personalized protective equipment
  • Vendor-managed inventory – grab stock

We support

  • Know-how and innovation
  • Customization
  • A-brands and own brands
  • Reduction of total cost of ownership

We care

  • Training
  • On-site integrated solutions
  • Easy ordering (e-commerce, electronic data interchange)
  • Inventory reduction (big data)
  • Broad MRO supplier

Thormas, a PPE quality brand

an ERIKS certified A-brand with a broad product portfolio which is more attuned to the needs of our customers to reduce their TCO. More info:

THORMAS, a new ERIKS certified brand

Thormas offers a broad range of tools, safety, and maintenance products. It is a new premium brand with a global approach from sourcing to distribution.

ERIKS certified means that THORMAS’ product assortment was developed utilizing ERIKS’ global resource of application engineers for insight on what is important to customers and what defines a best in class product.


As PPE services a more diverse range of industries, THORMAS has a sub-brand, THORMASAFE, that is 100% dedicated to safety. ERIKS’ unique network of international PPE experts and supply chain solutions stand at the forefront of the industry to offer outstanding dependability.

With THORMASAFE as ERIKS certified safety brand, ERIKS can offer cost effective solutions at a premium quality that favorably impact the Total Cost of Ownership. With THORMAS products, our customers are more productive and their employees are safer.

Customer cases and innovations

Laser Belt Drive Alignment

ERIKS advised the customer to use a Fenner Laser Alignment Tool to ensure a quick, correct installation and accurate tensioning of belt to optimize performance.

ERIKS improves efficiency

ERIKS supplies elaborate PPE package to Mammoet and improves efficiency ERIKS is the supplier of an elaborate PPE package.

Stock savings

ERIKS delivers transparent and money-saving stock manage-ment system. ERIKS streamlines internal goods flows for Fokker assembly stations.

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