Power Transmission

ERIKS’ unique power transmission expertise integrates hydraulics, pneumatics, bearings, electro mechanics and motion control to bring you perfectly tailored solutions.

Integrated solutions

Over many decades, ERIKS has built unique expertise in mechanical and electrical power transmission by integrating various disciplines like hydraulics, pneumatics and mechanical & electrical power transmission. Motion control ensures the necessary flexibility and extra functionality. ERIKS offers you complete solutions.

With our in-house engineering departments, extensive design and production facilities and logistics service, we can help you become more innovative and, consequently, more successful in your market. What makes ERIKS different? Our integrated approach to power transmission and our passion for technology.

Our product range

  • Bearings
  • Open drives
  • Gears, motors and drives (GMD)
  • Linear power transmission
  • Fluid power: hydraulics, pneumatics and filtration
  • Services

An impressive range of trusted global brands

ERIKS ensures the continuity of your production process. We represent the world's most respected manufacturers. What does that mean for you? That your application determines which product we recommend – and not what one particular manufacturer is able to deliver.

Reduction of the Total Cost of ownership (TCO)

With our expert advice, using the latest technologies in the field of sensoring, hybrid drives, low-friction bearings, the new generation of transmission belts and energy-efficient motors, you can reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency and minimize operating costs. From bearings to lubrication systems, from tooth and V-belts to shaft couplings and from electric motors to controls.

As a specialist in mechanical engineering components and applications, ERIKS in collaboration with the customer come up with completely new solutions for the entire drive. A reliable installation ensures optimum efficiency and a reduction in downtime. This ultimately results in a reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Integrated innovative solutions for all Power Transmission areas

Our engineers are at home in all technical areas: electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic (hard- and software). They also know how the European Machinery Directives that must be applied and have all relevant information about safety and industry-related guidelines. Their know-how leads to very creative and innovative solutions, with new techniques or new materials.


ERIKS know-how and experience ensure reliability of your installation

ERIKS stocks a vast range of bearings for both rotating and linear applications. To optimize the reliability of your machine, we offer alignment and condition monitoring. Reconditioning of bearings reduces costs and extends their service life. Besides supplying A-brands, ERIKS also manufactures bearings in line with your specifications. Suppliers include Schaeffler, NSK, RHP, Timken. 

Gears, motors and drives

ERIKS know-how and experience improve the cost-effectiveness of your installation

ERIKS can help you investigate the cost-effectiveness of your new installation, repair or maintenance. With our online tools, know-how and experience, we can help you design, build, install and commission, your control systems, gearboxes and drives. But beyond that, we continue to help you maintain, repair, refurbish and then decommission them.

Fluid power

Our know-how of fluid power engineering (hydraulics, pneumatics and filtration) enables us to select the best motor, valve, controls, pump and pipe work for your application.


ERIKS' dedicated team of filtration specialists

Whether you need clean compressed air to separate oil from water, or remove solid particulate from a chemical or other fluid, ERIKS has the solution. At ERIKS we have a team of filtration specialists dedicated to deliver a complete range of technical services that are fully compliant with industry best practice. ERIKS provides services for the control and the improvement of your oil quality by taking oil samples on your production sites.


Innovation and cost reduction

The passion for technology drives ERIKS to make a contribution to innovation and cost reduction in the entire industry. This approach demands intensive cooperation with manufacturers and customers, as well as product knowledge and extensive process know-how.


Monitoring and maintaining your equipment ensures a longer life and lower operating costs. Extend the product lifecycle and decrease your total cost of ownership with our range of support services:

  • Co-engineering anddesign
  • Testing laboratories
  • Consulting and training 
  • Online condition monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • (On site ) repair and maintenance services
  • Project management
  • Logistics services

Customer cases and innovations

Custom Fenner Coupling

ERIKS’ technical specialists designed special coupling for customer to fit very small flywheel.

ERIKS know-how

ERIKS solves premature motor failure problem and customer saves significantly.

Significant cost reduction

ERIKS’ Energy Usage Survey results in significant cost savings for customer.

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