ERIKS’ unique mix of gasket expertise, extensive product range and specialist services help you achieve reliable productivity.

Product Leadership

Around the globe, ERIKS offers you the best turnkey solutions in flow technology. Benefit from our in-depth application knowledge, gained over decades in the business, and reduce costs throughout your supply chain. Ordering is easy and efficient.

ERIKS brings you quality products that perform reliably under the toughest conditions. But that’s not enough. Whatever your industry, innovation is a driver and that also applies to ERIKS. If the parts you need don’t exist, we can produce them in-house within a few hours.

The range of gasket types we offer

  • Elastomer
  • Elastomet
  • Fibre Gaskets
  • Graphite Gaskets
  • Insulation Kits
  • Manhole Gaskets
  • Semi Metallic Gasket
  • Kammprofile Gaskets
  • Spiral-Wound Gaskets
  • Metallic
  • PTFE
  • Ring Type Joints (RTJ)
  • Stud bolts

A range of trusted brands

ERIKS has the most comprehensive range of gaskets worldwide. We sell leading brand names in gasket technology that excel even under the most challenging conditions. Reliability and performance are ERIKS’ first priority, so you can be sure the products we sell meet international standards.

With our key manufacturing partners, we develop new custom solutions and techniques that improve performance and creating cost savings for you. We represent the world's most respected gasket manufacturers:


In-house development and production

Know-how, cost reduction and sustainable solutions

ERIKS’ technical support staff is involved on a daily basis in the production, support, consultancy and application engineering of flange gaskets.



ERIKS' specialists are always available to advise on the most appropriate material, shape, gasket and flange or housing, applying knowledge gathered over many years in a broad range of industries.

Reducing TCO

With our market and product knowledge, we cut down the number of suppliers you work with and thus significantly reduce your inventory. We can minimize your downtime and prevent costly repairs with predictive maintenance systems..

Emission reduction

ERIKS endorses the development of gaskets that meet increasingly strict legislation regarding emissions reduction. Besides the benefits to the environment, this means considerable savings for you.


Logistics services

We also offer a broad range of logistics, vendor managed inventory and supply solutions to keep your production site running at full capacity.

Local service

From our network of service centers, ERIKS can supply a core range of sealing products from stock. But if your needs are more specific, we can carry tailored stock profiles for you.

Training and Education

Many flange failures are the result of improper installation. ERIKS provides certified training and education for engineers, contractors, inspectors and pipe fitters. We teach your people the skills they need, from selecting the right gasket to calculating bolt force and assembling.

Customer cases and innovations

Ethylene production loss reduced

ERIKS replaces flange gaskets and reduces emissions and costs.

Gasket prevents steam leaks

ERIKS eliminates unplanned plant shut downs due to steam leaks

Solving logistic problem

ERIKS designs custom consignment program for more stable pricing

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