Engineered Plastics

ERIKS is your unique partner for engineered plastics. We offer a broad range of semi-finished, machined products and injected molded parts from our own production facilities.

ERIKS Engineered Plastics

ERIKS is your unique partner for engineered plastics. As a leading, innovative supplier we offer a broad range of products in the form of plates, foils, round bars, tubes and profiles. With our state-of-the-art machinery, extensive 

assortment, quality control and years of application experience, we have what it takes to bring you top quality products and service, from the production of prototypes to small series or large quantities.

Our product range

  • Semi-finished plastics
  • Engineered customer-specific parts
  • Transparent plastics
  • Wear resistant plastics
  • Glass fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) construction products
  • Design, engineering and manufacturing


We represent the world's most respected plastics manufacturers. What does that mean for you? That your application determines which product we recommend – and not what one particular manufacturer is able to deliver.


  • Multilene PE
  • Multilene PP
  • Epradur
  • Epradur ABS
  • Epratal
  • Epramid
  • Epranite
  • Epratone
  • Eriflon
  • Epraform PMMA (83)
  • Epraform PC
  • Epraform PET (18)
  • Epratex
  • Epragrate
  • Erlan
  • Rhinohyde

Unique product properties

Properties of the various ERIKS Engineered plastics products like light weight, high temperature resistance, little wear and tear, minimal maintenance and cleaning make them a reliable alternative for steel, aluminum and glass. 

Engineering, 3D-printing and rapid-prototyping


Production facilities

ERIKS supplies high-quality zero-series quickly in all conceivable plastic materials. From prototyping to serial production.


Industrial plastics supplied as semi-finished products must still be given their final shape through one or more operations. Our application engineers can advise you on the production of technical plastic parts - including planning, construction, selecting the right material and optimizing your manufacturing process. ERIKS is your reliable partner from start to finish. With our flexible manufacturing facilities, we can produce whatever you need, from prototypes to small series or large quantities. ERIKS helps you reduce costs and minimize downtime. Choose ERIKS, and benefit from our closely regulated and quality controlled in-house production facilities, our years of experience and our advanced machining facilities.


CNC turning and milling

Bending (warm)

Bending (cold)




Sawing of GFR plastics



Injection molding

ERIKS Engineered Plastics Machining

Semi-finished plastic products

We offer a comprehensive mix of semi-finished plastic products, including stock plates, round bars, hollow bars, foils, standard profiles, thermoset materials and fiber composites. All these products can be ordered online in our web shop. On request, they can be easily and quickly cut to the desired size or machined to your specification.


Customer cases and innovations

Increasing capacity

ERIKS supplies turnkey solutions with plastic columns.

Tailor made sealing plugs

Successful engineering project with tailor-made sealing plugs.

Damage prevention

Temporary solution for damage to yachts during construction of new aqueduct

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