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Performance - Case studies of ERIKS

  • Airplane hose buggy

    Airplane hose buggy

    ERIKS Hose Technology en ERIKS Airports Division developed a airport-hose-buggy for British Airways and the BAA.

  • Anti-slip protection of stairs

    Anti-slip protection of stairs

    In big football stadions and big buildings the protection of stairs is important. PVC profiles are mostly used to protect the concrete. Due to UV resistance problems the lifetime of this material is reduced to one Year.

  • Clambing of transported glass

    Clambing of transported glass

    Our engineers developped a quality which solves all these eventual problems. The Eriks quality HY/EPDM fest had the best results and some €20.000,- a year is ordered.

  • Engineered seals from recyclable material

    Engineered seals from recyclable material

    ERIKS and the customer developed a carrier in letter format for transport of diagnostic material.

  • Explosive powder

    Explosive powder

    ERIKS developed the RX® AbrATEX, a new hose for pneumatic powder transport, which discharges static electricity safely and continuously.

  • Fenner saves Christmas

    Fenner saves Christmas

    During the busy Christmas rush an inverter failed on the trifle line of a food manufacturing site in Lincoln. An application engineer of ERIKS UK came up with a solution which reduced the downtime costs to a minimum and which assured the English of their dessert.

  • Filtration of contaminated water

    Filtration of contaminated water

    ERIKS UK installed a new filtration system at a hospital in Devon. The filtration unit was designed to remove oil bund water, which contains silts as well as oil residues.

  • Interior wall coverings in lorries

    Interior wall coverings in lorries

    Actually the customer is using wooden panels. These panels absord moisture, produce splinters, are heavy and are difficult to clean.

  • Jaffa cakes are cool

    Jaffa cakes are cool

    ERIKS UK kept the production facility of the popular Jaffa Cakes cool and saved United Biscuits time and money.

  • Prevent bearing failure

    Prevent bearing failure

    ERIKS recommended the use of a PTFE disc matching the profile of the external part of the bearing seal. This was then located over the existing bearing seal.

  • Rapid prototyping with 3D printer

    Rapid prototyping with 3D printer

    With Rapid Prototyping, models can be produced in eight rubber or plastic materials within a few days and without mould costs. This saves weeks on production and delivery time.

  • Reduction of frictional resistance

    Reduction of frictional resistance

    The oil seals ERIKS supplied for the production of the first climate friendly transport vehicle, reduced the frictional resistance with no less than 50%. Moreover, ERIKS supplied all components in one complete set (oil seals, O-ring, flange gaskets, bearings and fixing devices). Ordering at ERIKS saves time and money for the customer, very convenient!

  • Saving energy in green houses

    Saving energy in green houses

    Horticulturists save energy The HortiAir is an air treatment system for the climatisation in green houses, developed through thorough cooperation of several specialists. ERIKS Motion Control Schoonhoven supplied the expertise for the controlling of the actuators in the system. With less energy costs an substantial extra production was achieved.

  • Seals for lights in landing strips

    Seals for lights in landing strips

    Eriks developed a special silicone compound with extremely low compression set which did the job Siemens wanted. This low compression set compound resists low temperature but also the moments of high tension when a Boeing 747 is landing or taking off.

  • Sealing of the Belgian symbol: the ATOMIUM

    Sealing of the Belgian symbol: the ATOMIUM

    We succeeded in drawing the right rubberprofile and today the Atomium is looking great again at night. Thanks to Eriks our symbol is alive again bringing emotions to his visitors.

  • Sliding windows

    Sliding windows

    A standard rubber profile did not give satisfaction due to the sliding movement of the frame. Tests showed a rubber profile was not tight enough for the acclimatisation issue.

  • Tata Steel saves maintenance costs

    Tata Steel saves maintenance costs

    Disturbances of the hot rolling strip mill caused stagnation of the factory. The improvements ERIKS suggested lead to a considerable prolongation of the tool life of the bearings and a higher reliability of the installation.

  • Valves in dosing machine

    Valves in dosing machine

    A dairy factory discovered problems with the lifetime of rubber-metal valves. ERIKS suggested EPDM and this material saved the client € 70.000 / year.

  • Wheelchairs


    Wooden panels in wheelchairs caused bacterial growth. ERIKS engineers developed a high-quality alternative.

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