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Oil and Gas - Services

The passion for technology drives ERIKS to make a contribution to innovation and cost reduction in the entire industry. This approach demands intensive cooperation with manufacturers and customers, as well as product knowledge and extensive process know-how. Different forms of technical and logistic service are available to this end. ERIKS can adequately respond to maintenance stops and just-in-time deliveries and is also the right party for quick supply of seals, hoses and plastic machining, Production facilities throughout the countries and ERIKS own 24/7 delivery service make this possible.

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  • Knowledge sharing

    Knowledge sharing

    We are happy to share our know-how relating to products, applications, innovations, savings, etc. ERIKS’s specialists regularly provide training and courses to make your production processes operate more efficiently.

  • Customized products & inhouse production

    Customized products & inhouse production

    To meet specific needs, ERIKS can deliver from various service-minded production sites almost every possible customised product, in any form or any material whatsoever. Know-how is what makes the difference.

  • Onsite installation & monitoring

    Onsite installation & monitoring

    Factories must be periodically inspected, cleaned and refurbished to operate safely and efficiently. This work is done during a maintenance stop in which ERIKS supplies the complete servicing packages containing the required components.

  • Cleanroom


    As a leading industrial service provider, ERIKS is able to prevent component and system contamination thanks to its own Clean room.

  • Mechanical seal repair

    Mechanical seal repair

    The regular replacement of mechanical seals is very expensive. ERIKS recognises this fact and offers its customers a cheaper but high-quality alternative: our own Mechanical Seal Repair Shop.

  • SealXpress


    In Alkmaar, Rotterdam-Botlek, Capelle aan den IJssel, Zwenkau (Germany), the UK, Singapore and the USA, ERIKS has modern production units where specials can be produced quickly and 24x7.

  • 24x7 service

    24x7 service

    Clients can reach ERIKS 24/7 for emergency repair services, requirements, ordering and SealXpress.

  • Repair and maintenance services

    Repair and maintenance services

    Repairing electrical systems requires real skill, specialised tools and strict procedures to obtain the best performance, greatest reliability and highest efficiency.

  • Just in Time

    Just in Time

    Just in time is an ERIKS service, in which our products are delivered at just the right moment: not too early and certainly not too late.

  • Quality control & testing

    Quality control & testing

    Numerous process variables are continuously measured, monitored and adjusted in industrial production processes to control the production process, quality guarantee, safety and the environmental aspects.

  • Co-engineering


    With both multinationals and small, specialised companies in the manufacturing industry, we sit down together at an early stage of engineering with R&D employees to work together on the perfect product.

  • Education


    We are happy to share our know-how relating to products, applications, regulations, innovations, savings, etc. ERIKS’s specialists regularly provide training and courses to make your production processes operate more efficiently.

  • Projectmanagement


    ERIKS products are often purchased on a project basis. ERIKS is completely set up to work this way. We provide you with expert advice and we deliver quality. Special logistic needs such as split orders, packaging instructions or delivery methods can always be provided for.

  • Electrical & mechanical engineering services

    Electrical & mechanical engineering services

    The multi-discipline electromechanical engineering service provides all-round support to keep customers’ facilities fully operational and efficient.

  • Technical services

    Technical services

    Transparent process around procurement and usage of technical components helps to reduce working capital and realise cost savings.

  • Easy Order System®

    Easy Order System®

    Besides a complete range of technical components, ERIKS offers an extensive package of technical and logistics services via the Easy Order System®.

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