Primary Industry

We use our industry specific knowledge to offer tailor-made products and maintenance & repair services. This is how we reduce downtime and decrease total cost of ownership for our customers.

Minimize your total cost of ownership

It takes a tremendous amount of power to produce and process raw materials such as steel, aluminium, cement, paper and bricks. This is why your power transmission systems need to meet the highest standards. ERIKS offers what industrial customers are looking for. We do not only supply the right components, but also offer complete hydraulic and electromechanical systems, including monitoring systems. Our application engineers help you prevent breakdowns, extend the service life of your assets and reduce your energy costs.

Electromechanical services

Production of conveyor belts

Engineering of hydraulic cylinders

Industry and metalic hoses

Repair and refurbishment of gearboxes

Minimize your downtime

In primary industry, downtime is costly and potentially disastrous. In steelworks, for instance, blast furnaces need to maintain a steady temperature to ensure maximum efficiency and a top quality end product. Recovering from a stop can take months, if not years. Experience less downtime with ERIKS. Whatever your industry, ERIKS has the hardware: from filtration and sealing products to bearings, valves and hoses. And we have the skilled technicians to support you with maintenance and repair. 

Proven customer value

ERIKS increases the lifespan of your assets and reduces your total cost of ownership. That is real customer value. But it is not enough for us. Using our industry specific knowledge, we offer more. We prove this value by means of documented cost savings, for example through vendor managed inventory programs and field surveys. Where needed, we even provide our services on-site.

Reduce energy consumption

Energy costs account for a large share of production costs. Many manufacturers actually have their own power stations. ERIKS’ experienced engineers can support you in reducing energy consumption in your plant with a range of services and products, such as thermal imaging.



We are an experienced valve system integrator: from the design stage, to commissioning a project.

Customer cases and innovations

ERIKS designed a special coupling to accommodate the power of the engine.

Specialist know-how to design and manufacture a flexible hydraulic hose.

New white seal prevents leaks in the pulp and paper industry.

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