Oil and Gas

ERIKS is experienced in serving the oil and gas industry, including work for offshore platforms and other specialized vessels. We deliver complete system solutions with 24/7 emergency response and quick on-site delivery from nearby locations.

Most comprehensive supplier worldwide

In the oil and gas industry, high quality components like piping, bearings and seals are essential. ERIKS not only delivers the quality hardware you need worldwide, but crafts customized, integrated solutions for you on-site. We can supply power transmission products such as electric motors, gearboxes, chains and drive belts that meet industry standards. We can also take care of certification for you. And, of course, we provide maintenance and repair. Partner with ERIKS, the most comprehensive supplier for the worldwide oil and gas industry.

ERIKS is a flow control specialist

A complete range of gasket solutions

60-metre long offshore hoses 3”

Industry and metalic hoses

Engineering of hydraulic systems

Increasing asset reliability

Whether you are a production operator, a drilling company or a specialist service provider, we can help you manage the rotating equipment assets that are so essential to your long-term profitability. This allows our customers to work longer with their assets and enjoy less downtime. With ERIKS as your partner, you increase your output and reduce your operational costs.

Rapid response

Our technical teams, based locally, understand that you need quick turnarounds due to the tight deadlines you face. We provide rapid response to your calls for repair or replacement and help you keep your key assets running.

Condition Monitoring

Our condition monitoring teams continuously monitor and analyze the performance data coming from your production-critical equipment. They recommend actions for reliability and integrity to ensure your output performance targets. 


Worldwide service centres

ERIKS uses its own production facilities and maintenance services to provide customized products.

Sealing products in the Oil & Gas market

Oil and Gas applications present the most extreme conditions in which ERIKS’ rubber seals are expected to operate. Mechanical, thermo-chemical and fluid phase conditions must be accommodated to maintain the integrity of the rubber seal in these, often safety critical, uses.

Rapid Prototyping

For Oil and Gas applications ERIKS’ design teams work closely with our material scientists to produce accurate materials data. Full traceability of product and batch data per NORSOK M710 requirements is possible.

Standard and custom made components

Experienced application engineers draw upon in-depth technical knowledge to ensure that the optimal component is impartially specified for your application; whether this is a standard product or as a bespoke solution tailored to your needs.

Customer cases and innovations

ERIKS develops hose with wear-resistant outer sleeve and 300 bar pressure

ERIKS reclaims 150 discarded utility hoses and saves customer costs

ERIKS provides solution for heavy, difficult to handle hoses

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