Machine and Equipment Construction

ERIKS shares its know-how to play a positive role in its customers' business, offering the latest technological developments, helping them to reduce their R&D costs, keep their cost price low, increase efficiency, cut energy costs and improve safety.

Multi-product specialist

Machinery and equipment manufacturers can rely on ERIKS’ extensive range of products. Whether you need machined plastics, hydraulic and pneumatic actuators or bearings. Whether the job calls for power transmission, motion control, linear, sealing, rubber or flow technology. Not to mention our wide range of industrial maintenance products. In recent years ERIKS has become a leading supplier to the medical and laboratory technology markets.

Co-engineering support

ERIKS is committed to sharing its know-how with you and contributing to your development processes. Our application engineers design high-performance and sustainable solutions that meet your technical challenges. Your benefits? Lower development and energy costs, a lower cost price, increased efficiency and greater safety, to name a few.

Engineered, moulded en machined industrial plastics

Bearing technology

Hydraulic components

Engineering of completer PT-solutions

Engineering precision linear power transmission

ERIKS engineering services and TCO

ERIKS' technology combines process knowledge, mechanical engineering insight and high quality electrical / mechanical expertise. You can count on smart, cost-effective total solutions and the practical support of our experienced staff. We take the TCO of the machine or installation into account.

Logistics services

ERIKS’ custom-designed product delivery systems ensure just-in-time delivery. It means that you as a customer can eliminate inventory at your manufacturing facility. With our vendor-managed inventory program, you can keep your working capital to a minimum while still having the inventory you need on hand.


Pneumatic systems

ERIKS ensures the continuity of your production processes by working in  cooperation with all major pneumatics manufacturers

Driving innovation

We always strive to offer you enhanced functionality for less outlay. ERIKS is continually developing new materials in its own material research centers, creating new control technologies and offering the latest in power transmission and flow technology.

Comprehensive technical bearing

ERIKS offers a very wide bearing program for both rotary and linear applications. When optimizing your machine reliability, you can also count on support by using alignment, condition monitoring or reconditioning of bearings.



Customer cases and innovations

ERIKS supplies quiet SKF e2 bearings that run smoothly and result in cost savings for customers

ERIKS develops extreme seal for demanding and complex application

Turnkey energy saving systems

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