Food and Pharmaceuticals

ERIKS provides products and services that help customers maintain safety, FDA and USDA regulatory compliance. Our sales engineers provide solutions that support the high standards for any production area.

Wide range of food safe products

If your company produces food or pharmaceuticals, you face special challenges. After all, public health is at stake. ERIKS understands your situation, and offers custom solutions. We have developed a wide range of special seals, valves, hoses, instruments and plastics for applications in the food and pharma industries. But that’s not all. We also supply a complete package of mechanical and electrical transmission products for internal transport that meet the special requirements of the food industry.

Hygiene, safety and regulations

You want your manufacturing facility to be clean and safe. Not just by ordinary standards, but by the extremely rigorous standards set by authorities such as the US Food and Drug Administration, the European Union and the Health and Safety Executive in the UK. Your interest is not just in satisfying authorities, though. By keeping your facilities clean and safe, you avoid product recalls and protect the brand that you rely on. ERIKS understands your needs and has the capabilities to support you.

ERIKS offers knowledge and engineered solutions

From motor(reductor) to mechatronica

High Purity Silicone hoses and seals

Complete traceability of materials during production process

ERIKS has it’s own development centre and cleanroom

Responding flexibly to flexible needs

The Food and Beverage industry is in a state of constant change. This means that your production facility doesn't stay the same for very long, you need to be able to cope with seasonal demands. In order to ensure downtime remains minimal during these busy periods, you need a supplier that can meet these increased service levels. ERIKS reacts to production ramp ups, with increased personnel availability and ensuring the parts you need are in stock.

State-of-the-art cleanroom

At our own material development centers, we produce market-leading special rubber compounds for the food industry. Besides production and assembly capacity, ERIKS has a state-of-the-art cleanroom to ISO 1466-1 class 6 norm. In this cleanroom, we assemble high purity hoses and components for the pharmaceuticals, biochemistry and semiconductor industries. And if needed, we degrease and ultrasonically clean your hoses and couplings in our cleanroom before assembling them. Looking for faultless delivery of professionally cleaned components? Partner with ERIKS.

Complete traceability during production

Plastics that are used in the food industry must meet strict international application requirements for contact with food.

ERIKS has a complete product line with approved EC 1935/2004 materials. In addition, ERIKS Engineered Plastics has adjusted the production so that all materials used are completely traceable during the entire production process, in accordance with ISO standard 22000: 2005.


Pharmaceutical industry

ERIKS is a multi-product specialist that delivers high standard technology and logistics support according your industry specific regulations.


Chemically resistant materials

ERIKS’ chemically resistant rubber seals are available for many applications. Laboratory and analytical equipment products include seals and miniature components. Drug discovery and genetic research techniques often employ aggressive chemical environments that also demand ultra-high purity sealing components.

Rapid Prototyping

With its Rapid Prototyping facilities, ERIKS can reduce your time to market drastically. With its 3D printer, using computer animation tools like SolidWorks and the latest 3D CAD technology, a 3D model sight and fitting model can be available within week, ready for analyzing and testing. It is immediately clear whether the design is correct or needs further development.

Total cost of ownership (TCO)

Thanks to the combination of mechanical engineering insight, process knowledge and high-quality product knowledge, you can count on smart, cost- and environmental-saving total solutions and support. In doing so, we take into account your requirements and the total costs of the installation, or TCO.

Customer cases and innovations

ERIKS develops hose with silicon sleeve and tray-clamp coupling

Lewis-Goetz develops complete catalogue of critical hose assemblies

ERIKS conducts energy usage survey for dairy manufacturer

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