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Hydraulic hoses and accessories

FlexionTM hydraulic hoses, fittings, rigid tubing and accessories for safe, reliable and leak proof systems.

Flexion hoses 605x240

The high quality level, technical support linked to own know-how and the broad assortment make FLEXIONTM the perfect hydraulic connection solution for both MRO and OEM customers.

Production and added value

•    production of hose assemblies; also on-site at the customer
•    tube manipulation and orbital welding
•    special solutions engineering, including prototyping
•    own test laboratory for hoses and fittings
•    preventive hose maintenance concepts

FLEXIONTM Hydraulic connectors

Hydraulic connectors play an important role in every hydraulic system. Connectors often are used under harsh conditions, but still have to fulfill high requirements in terms of reliability, safety and leak freeness.
FLEXIONTM offers a broad range of high quality hydraulic connector components which are able to deliver on these requirements.
All FLEXIONTM components are produced under stringent own specifications in well controlled processes. FLEXIONTM specifications will mostly well exceed international specifications like EN/ISO/SAE.

FFLEXIONTM hydraulic hoses

Because of its well-balanced set of properties and the broad assortment, the FLEXIONTM hose line is suitable for a broad range of applications, including those demanding high reliability and longevity.
FLEXIONTM hoses offer proven performance levels, well exceeding international EN/ISO standards.
Matching hose fittings are available in a broad range of end connections. Superior corrosion resistance is offered with the optional Zinc Nickel plating.

FLEXION ENDUROTM hydraulic hoses

The FLEXION ENDUROTM hose line represents the best what the market has to offer. These products offer high problem solving capabilities and can be used in the most demanding hydraulic applications. All of this is based around the high dynamic pressure load capability and the presence of the ENDURO cover material, which offers a high level of abrasion resistance and ozone resistance at the same time. For some hose types there is the optional THUNDER cover, offering even higher levels of abrasion and ozone resistance.

FLEXIONTM Customized

Last but not least, FLEXIONTM products can be customized. Very often, when looking at specific applications, the hose performance can be optimized. Alternative material selections and special hose constructions are possible. Prototype development and final product release take place by means of vigorous testing. For a large part testing takes place in own test laboratory facilities.

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