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BM Europe


Since its inception at the beginning of 2008, BM Europe has been focussing explicitly towards expansion joints and flexible hoses.

BM Europe has continued to upgrade its product portfolio to provide solutions for every possible situation where flexible hoses or expansion joints can be used. Knowledge is combined with different engineering and design tools.

BM Europe offers a complete range of expansion joint and stainless steel hose products. to provide an adequate solution for every application. BM Europe's mission is to deliver high quality solutions that contribute to optimising customer processes and reducing their maintenance and operating costs, thus contributing to a lower cost over the lifetime of the product.
Through experience with and technical knowledge of flexible hoses and expansion joints a proper analysis of the customer's situation can be made and the optimal solution can be designed.. These products are to be delivered in the shortest possible time, at a competitive price.

Because BM Europes has its own production and test facilities, the company is able to monitor the productquality constantly and to offer a suitable solution to the clients application.

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